Discover the wing foiling location

Choose a wingfoil school that teaches in flat water and reliable wind

Obidos Lagoon is without a doubt the most perfect summer training ground for wind-powered water-sports in all of Portugal.
Unconvinced ? Let me tell you why I chose Ponta do Espichel to open my wing foiling school !
First of all, the dominant wind system called Nortada is working at its full potential from May to September every year. When temperatures start to rise, the high-pressure system above the Azores combines with a low-pressure one over the Iberian peninsula. Together they systematically provide strong, steady wind blowing from the north-west. To my knowledge, there is no better natural wind machine during the summer months in all of western Europe.
This northwestern flow of wind blesses all of Portugal’s Atlantic coast but only in Obidos lagoon does it gets accentuated by so many local effects to become stronger and more reliable. Here are the three local effects that systematically turn a breeze into ridable conditions at Ponta do Espichel where we teach: the thermal wind coming from the north-west on sunny days, the venturi effect between Foz do Arelho’s hills and the bay effect leading straight to Ponta do Espichel.

The second reason making Lagoa de Óbidos (in Portuguese) special is its size. It’s one of the biggest lagoon in the country which means you will enjoy a lot of space. Even during summer when all european spots tend to saturate, this huge body of water will always have room for you to practice in peace. As a beginner, you’ll love the shallow parts of the lagoon where you can build up your skills while standing waist-deep in the water. Also, when you’ll start riding, the deepest parts are so large you’ll be able to focus on your skills rather then on how close you’re getting to the shore.

Finally, the very flat water of the lagoon makes this spot an absolute dream for beginner wingfoilers. As you might know, getting on a hydrofoil can be considered a bit of a challenge. Making it happen for the first time in wavy waters is close to impossible but in a lagoon, things are different. Thanks to the stability offered by flat water, getting up on your board and foil becomes a lot easier. You’ll be able to repeat attempts over and over again and will improve a lot faster than anywhere else. 
I can guarantee that getting your first wing foiling lessons with Wingfoil Now will boost your progression.

What else can you do around the wing foiling school ?


The coastline area next to Obidos lagoon is made of stunning cliffs standing right next to the Atlantic ocean. At sunset, walking the stretch of beach towards the south is simply stunning. The warm colors of the mineral cathedrals next to the shore contrast with the ever-changing shades of the water due to the sun reflecting through waves. A must-do !


The many tracks in the area make mountain biking very enjoyable. One of the best itineraries starts around the lagoon where you can enjoy picturesque views and sometimes even spot flamingos. If you feel like going just a little further, it’s quite easy to get atop the cliffs next to the ocean and lose sight of reality for a while by staring at the horizon.


Birds lovers will easily find an interest in the Obidos lagoon natural reserve. Many species of waterfowls, waders, and egrets are to be seen. For the non-specialists, the famous flamingos can also be seen quite often and in big numbers around the lagoon. Just take a stroll along the shore to the east and look around carefully.


The close-by village of Baleal has become a buzzing surf hub in the past few years. With the surfers came the culture, of which yoga is an important part. Whether you like to ride waves or not, you’ll easily find a competent yoga instructor ready to help you practice and improve. What better way to relax after a nice wing foiling session ?


Before anyone knew about the great conditions for wind-powered sports, the surfers had already colonized the area. From beginner’s waves to endless beach break perfection, the region is a surfer’s mecca. Baleal being at the center of it all, this is where you want to head to catch your first wave. More advanced surfers should consider Supertubos beach.



Portugal has always been famous for its pastries and tasteful wines. The Portuguese cuisine might not be as famous but it would be a shame not to discover its many traditional dishes. With quality products and creative-minded people, Portugal has become a gastronomical territory to be recon with. And don’t forget the Port wine !

Where to go on a daytrip from Obidos lagoon ?


The village after which the lagoon has been named is, in my opinion, the most photogenic in the country. This UNESCO recognized cultural landmark is a fortified village protecting elegant white and blue houses. Medieval fairs often take place during summer. It has become very famous over the years and it can sometimes get crowded but a visit is definitely worth it


Imagine taking a boat from Peniche and reaching, after a short ride, a gorgeous group of islands high above the water. The Berlengas are incredibly beautiful and you will wish you could stay longer in this protected reserve. Organized campers will be able to stay over night but booking is mandatory. Make sure you spot the bridge that leads to the picturesque fort.


Caldas da Rainha is the biggest city nearby. Not only will you find all the commodities there but it’s also a place to visit in its own right. If the thermal springs made the city famous around the country, it’s the ceramic craftsmanship that has long been the specialty of Caldas. The center also welcomes a daily horticultural market on Praça da República.


Sao Martinho do Porto overlooks a baffling natural wonder. Its scallop-shaped bay is so perfect that it almost looks unnatural but rest assured it is. All seaside activities thrive thanks to the calm water and beautiful sand the town lays by. If you look for the authentic part of town, walk up to the main church and enjoy the incredible coastline view.


Nazare is becoming increasingly famous because of the giant waves that break there during the winter. If you visit in summer, the ocean could look pretty flat in comparison with the videos you might have seen. But do not worry, the small city of Nazare is a vibrant combination of seaside touristic activities and a more traditional Portuguese lifestyle


Here’s yet another fishing village that became a surfing hub and a touristic getaway. If waves range more towards the advanced side of the spectrum, beginner surfers can trust the local guides to find something that suits them. The Penedo do Guincho, a 30 meters high rock just a stone’s throw away from the cap, makes walking around Santa Cruze unique.