Private equipment wingfoil lessons

Learn to wingfoil with an individual set of gear

During private equipment wingfoil lessons, you use an individual set of equipment during the whole course. This allows the experience to be more intense and more efficient. If you feel fit and want to take the fastest route towards improvement then this is your best option.

General information

All private equipment wingfoil lessons include individual radio, insurance, and a rescue boat service.
In case the wind drops, we can practice flying a hydrofoil behind a dingy. Every 30 minutes of towing practice will count as 1 hour lesson from your package.

Choose you package

  • 3 HOURS SESSION: This one time session is perfect for those wishing to learn the basics of wing foiling and see if they want to commit to this water-sport any further.
  • 6 HOURS PACKAGE: The way to go if you are looking to improve or refresh some acquired skills before you go get your own gear and start riding independently.
  • 9 HOURS PACKAGE: Could suit riders with previous water-sports experience like wind surfing, wake boarding or kite surfing as you might be able to learn faster then beginners.
  • 12 HOURS PACKAGE: This is the complete beginner package. If you never practiced any board-sports or learn any water-sports then this package will have you wing foiling.

More details

  • I only accept a maximum of 4 students per lesson. Depending on bookings you could very well be alone.
  • You will have your own set of equipment for the whole lesson (1 sail and 1 board).
  • I teach with individual radios to make sure I can give you the best advice whenever you need it.
  • I fluently teach in the three following languages: English, French, and Spanish.
  • Wingfoil lessons generally last 3 hours. We recommend one lesson per day as it can get tiring.
  • All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, water, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses with a strap.
  • The exact time of your lesson will be set the day before according to the latest wind forecast. Please arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of your wingfoil lesson.
  • We meet directly on the spot of Ponta do Espichel in Obidos lagoon pristine natural reserve.
  • Also, we depend on the wind so we need you to be flexible on the days of your wingfoil lessons.

Why take private equipment wingfoil lessons ?

Simply because it is the best way to improve quickly. If you feel fit and want to take the highway to success then having the ability to practice many times in a row without breaks is what you want to do. Of course, you can always take a rest but you’re the one who decides when to do it and for how long.

How do private equipment wing foiling lessons unfold ? During on-land wing training, you will have a sail in your hand at all times to master skills quicker. Then comes the wing surfing lesson where you will practice at your own rhythm in a safe and comfortable environment. The next step is to get a feel of the balance a hydrofoil requires. Thanks to my specific exercises, you will soon be ready to try the real thing. No need to wait or share your time on the water if you don’t feel like it.

By taking this course you will follow my tailored teaching method that breaks down every step of wing foiling technique. Creating this method has been my number one concern since I’ve picked up wing foiling right from the start. I guarantee you will have fun and improve faster than ever by following the many exercises I’ve specifically developed for my wing foiling school. Thanks to the individual radio you will be equipped with, I will be able to give you personalized advice whenever needed. Get tailored attention by choosing Wingfoil Now for your wingfoil lessons in Portugal.

The wingfoil lessons take place at Ponta do Espichel in Obidos lagoon (1h drive north of Lisbon). This huge body of salted water could be your greatest ally. Its flat water will make it easier for you to balance over your board and foil. Its consistent winds will give you the opportunity to practice thoroughly and improve day after day. Its size will allow you to focus on your technique rather than on how close you are to the shore. Finally, if the wind lets us down, the lagoon is big enough to practice towed hydrofoil behind a dinghy and still improve your skills.

Learn to wingfoil and experience the thrill of flying over water. Just book a wing foiling lesson in Portugal with Wingfoil Now and start living this dream I share.