Get to know your wing foiling instructor

Take advantage of 25 years of sailing experience

Hi there ! My name is Florian and I hope to soon be your instructor.
I love the wind. It allows us to move effortlessly on water and venture into places we’ve never explored before. Out of passion, I’ve been sailing for as long as I can remember and became a kitesurf instructor a decade ago. As a matter of fact, my collaboration with Kite Control has extended this season when I became the school’s wingfoil teacher. Even though I practice many water sports, wing foiling instantly hooked me in. From the moment I got on the board, I realized it was finally possible to fly over water!
Learning a new skill is like a journey. Reaching the destination isn’t the most important. It’s the path each of us takes to master that skill that’s interesting. Our abilities, our motivation, and our understanding of what we have to achieve all blend into a unique way of learning. My goal as an instructor is to apprehend your personal learning process and tailor the lesson to suit your specific needs.
Keeping this goal in mind, I dedicated my thoughts to creating the most progressive and accessible teaching method for my wing foiling school. Based on experience, I developed a large number of step-by-step exercises designed to break down complex skills into simple motions. During a lesson, I always try to select the one exercise that will unlock your potential and help you get to the next level.
With incredibly flat water and year-round reliable winds, Obidos lagoon is the best place in Portugal to finally bring wing foiling to everyone. Starting my own wing foiling school was only the next natural thing. With Wingfoil Now, I aim to offer the best wingfoil lessons out there and make them safe, fun, and easier for everyone.
Florian Zerr, sole teacher at Wingfoil Now.